We are a group of people aiming to share not only a dance but a bit of the meaning and intention in its original context. We come from different countries, and with us, a bit of our homeland and its culture.

We dance for many reasons; to find our bodies, create collectives and communities, express culture, claim space, and celebrate. As Pina Bausch said, there are times when words can’t do more than just evoke things and there is where dance comes in as an expression to demonstrate feelings of people and the deepest human emotions, including Aroha, power, grief, reverence, resistance or joy.

These things bind us together as a cohesive social group and we are happy to share this space with everyone interested.

Show me the dance and music of a people and I’ll tell you their state of health, morals, and the government of this community” Confucius

Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions

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